Are you ready to experience Peak Performance?

It’s closer than you think

Whether you’re setting goals for yourself, your team, or your company, you can achieve more, faster—and with far more joy—by operating at peak performance. So why wouldn’t you?

Mindset Training

No matter what their area of expertise, the best athletes, business people, artists, and gurus have one thing in common. Their mental game is 🔥. Yours needs to be too.

Performance Branding

With 25 years of experience branding individuals and companies for success all over the world, I can help you uplevel your brand for maximum impact.

Productivity Tookit

Who doesn’t like a great self-help hack? There’s only about a million out there.  But finding the ones that will work best for you, based on your unique personality? Boom.

Peak Performance Partnership

 You’ve got the skills. You’ve got the desire. You may even have 342 classes you’ve bought but haven’t finished. But now you’ve got me. Game changer.

But wait, there’s more!

Telling your Peak Performance story

I’m going to be honest: I’m a writer at heart. With more than 50 published books in the past 10 years, there are few things I love more than telling a good story. Add to that 25 years of corporate branding, copywriting, communications strategy, and personal branding & productivity training, and things just get more interesting.

Need help connecting your products and services with the world?

I’m your people.

Do you teach classes?

I do! I’ve done training for international consumer products companies, financial services providers, universities, small businesses, and individuals. Contact me directly to customize a program for you or your team.

Is there a book?

Not yet, but who am I kidding? It’s only a matter of time.

Who’s your favorite business/self-help guru?

Where should I begin? Oh, I know. Check out my blog for weekly book reviews and key takeaways to discover your next Peak Performance Pickup!

4. How can I learn more?

By telling me more. Book a free strategy session to unpack your biggest dream or goal and we’ll figure out what’s keeping you from reaching it…and how to get started on your path to peak performance.

About Jenn

To know me is to know what I’m passionate about: helping people understand, claim, use, and share their power. Whether that individual is a company president, an author, a highly successful but “stuck” professional, or a random stranger on the street (sorry about that, lady in the blue tights), I love connecting with peak performers even before they fully believe that’s what they are.  So let’s connect already!

I’m also a highly competent copywriter and author with more than fifty books published traditionally and independently, a personal branding expert who has taught individuals and companies all over the world, and, let’s face it, an unrepentant joy-slinger. Because life is too short, my friend, to not go after your dreams in a way that makes you happy. Even if you have to split an infinitive to do it.


“We’ve never had anyone come in and learn our brand and voice so quickly. She just gets it.”

– corporate client

“Every time we talk I come away more energized and excited to go after my next week’s goals and do my best—I’m uplifted, not exhausted. I can’t wait to see what’s next!”

– coaching client

“I’ve got no game face and you’re amazing. Please work with us.”

– corporate client

Let’s rewrite the story
of the rest of your life.

What’s stopping you or your team from operating at a level of peak performance? Chances are, it’s not your skills, or your grit, or your motivation—you’ve got all that covered. What you need is a way to connect all those pieces of you to your dream.

I can help. As a mindset trainer, I can help you link your vision and passion with your skills and resources—to do more with joy. As a self-help junkie and intuitive coach, I can help show you how to get things done in a way that doesn’t break you down. And as a branding expert, I can help you embody your peak performance self—to achieve whatever you want to achieve, the way you want to achieve it.

Ready to get started? Me, too. Together, let’s rewrite the story of the rest of your life.

Your path to peak performance starts here.